2023 International Conference on Energy Engineering, New Energy Materials and Devices (NEMD 2023) & Summit Forum on High-performance Aromatic Polymer Materials

Welcome Prof. Qiao Yinhu, Anhui Science and Technology University Invited as TPC at NEMD 2023!


Prof. Qiao Yinhu,Anhui Science and Technology University, China


Qiao Yinhu, male, born in November 1979 in Fuyang, Anhui Province, Doctor, Professor, master's supervisor, middle-aged and young discipline leader of Anhui University of science and technology, member of the academic committee of Anhui University, top academic talent of colleges and universities in Anhui Province, post expert of agricultural system in Anhui Province and leader of 3221 team in Bengbu City. Editorial board of vibration and shock magazine and reviewers of journals such as hindawi, advances in mechanical engineering, Journal of the Franklin Institute, shock and vibration. Now he is the vice president of the College of mechanical engineering. In 2011, he was a senior visiting scholar in the United States. His main research interests were livestock manure biogas project, mobile straw granulator, electromechanical control, wind turbine blades and fluid machinery. He successively presided over and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation, national major science and technology projects, Provincial Natural Science Foundation, provincial major science and technology projects, provincial key R & D projects There are 15 major projects of Natural Science Foundation of colleges and universities in Anhui Province, 15 projects of local funds guided by the central government of Anhui Province, and 7 teaching and research projects presided over, including 1 national project and 2 provincial projects. 11 invention patents are authorized, including 1 international invention patent. He has published more than 30 teaching, research and scientific research papers, including 15 SCI and EI searches, published 1 monograph, edited and Deputy edited 2 provincial planning textbooks, won the second prize of provincial academic papers, 1 third prize of provincial teaching achievements, 18 provincial achievements registration, guided students to win more than 50 national and Provincial Discipline competitions, and guided students to learn more than 30 national, provincial and university level innovation and entrepreneurship topics.

乔印虎,男,1979年11月生,安徽阜阳人,博士,教授,硕士生导师,安徽科技学院中青年学科带头人、校学术委员会委员,安徽省高校学术拔尖人才,安徽省农业体系岗位专家,蚌埠市3221团队带头人。《振动与冲击》杂志编委、Hindawi、Advances in Mechanical Engineering、Journal of the Franklin Institute、Shock and Vibration等期刊审稿专家。现任机械工程学院副院长。2011年赴美国高级访问学者,主要研究方向为畜禽粪污沼气工程、移动式秸秆颗粒机、机电控制、风力机叶片和流体机械,先后主持和参与国家自然科学基金、国家科技重大专项、省自然科学基金、省科技重大专项、省重点研发项目、安徽省高校自然科学基金重大项目、安徽省中央引导地方资金项目、企业横向项目15项,主持各类教研项目7项,其中国家级1项,省级2项。授权发明专利11项,其中国际发明专利1项。发表教研科研论文30多篇,其中SCI、EI检索15篇,出版专著1部,主编副主编省级规划教材2部,省学术论文二等奖,省级教学成果三等奖1项,省级成果登记18项,指导学生获国家级、省级学科竞赛50多项,指导学些国家级、省级、校级大学生创新创业课题30多项。