2023 International Conference on Energy Engineering, New Energy Materials and Devices (NEMD 2023) & Summit Forum on High-performance Aromatic Polymer Materials

Welcome Dr. Xiongbo Duan,Central South University invited as TPC at NEMD 2023!


Dr. Xiongbo Duan,Central South University,China


Associate Researcher Xiongbo Duan studied Mechanical Engineering at Hunan University, and obtained his PH.D. degree at December 12, 2019, and visited Argonne National Laboratory and Wayne State University two years during this period. From 2020, March 30 to 2022, May 17, he worked as a postdoctoral in the Hunan University. Since 2020, May 18, he was worked to the Central South University as a full-time teacher as a master supervisor. At present, his main research fields are low-carbon fuel high efficient and clean combustion, and hydrogen energy. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Project, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Hunan Outstanding Postdoctoral Innovative Talents Project, Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, and the Changsha Municipal Natural Science Foundation, etc. He published more than 30 papers on the low carbon fuel, combustion, emissions and engine performance, including 4 ESI highly cited papers and 2 hot papers. He served as an Associate Editor for the Frontiers in Energy Research, and as a senior reviewer for more than 30 journals, such as the Applied Energy, Energy Conversion and Management, Energy, Fuel, Hydrogen Energy, etc.  

段雄波副研究员2019年12月获得湖南大学机械工程专业博士,博士期间赴美国阿贡国家实验室(Argonne National Laboratory)联合培养一年和韦恩州立大学(Wayne State University)联合培养一年;2020年3月-2022年5月在湖南大学力学流动站做博士后研究。2022年5月入职中南大学,目前主要的研究方向为低碳燃料高效清洁燃烧以及氢能源等方面研究。主持国家自然科学基金青年科学基金、中国博士后科学基金面上项目、湖南省优秀博士后创新人才项目、湖南省自然科学基金项目、长沙市自然科学基金项目以及多项企业横向课题;作为技术骨干参与国家重点研发计划子课题、国家自然科学基金面上项目等。以第一作者或通讯作者在国际能源、燃料、氢能和环境类TOP SCI期刊上已发表论文30余篇(其中ESI高被引论文4篇,热点论文2篇),包括Applied Energy、Energy Conversion and Management、Energy、Fuel、Hydrogen Energy、Applied Thermal Engineering等能源、燃料和氢能领域TOP期刊,第一发明人授权国家发明专利15项,申请3项。担任Frontiers In Energy Research副编辑(Associate Editor),担任Applied Energy,Energy Conversion and Management,Energy,Fuel等30多个国际著名学术期刊审稿人